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About Elma Rivera


I am Elma Rivera, an Internationally Certified PSYCH‑K® Instructor.

I also practice professionally as a COMENSA Certified Coach from Stellenbosch University Business School, and as a Time to Think coach with an extensive business background.  In the past, I have enjoyed my work in journalism and TV production, as well as my experience as a sustainable living product innovator and entrepreneur.

Throughout my life’s journey, I’ve been an advocate for using common sense.

My PSYCH−K® Journey

I was drawn to PSYCH−K® after reading Dr Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief. I relished the fact that the latest science was without a shadow of a doubt, finally validating, not just the ancient traditions of human consciousness but my own experiences of the metaphysical.

I am immensely grateful for this opportunity to be of service and I am now living my dream of enabling others to help themselves in a profound and sustainable way.

For me, learning about PSYCH-K® and using it, has not just been about my own physical healing and emotional freedom. It was also to practice and experience an evidence-based approach to transform the limiting sub-conscious beliefs that cause us to get stuck.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love my city and my country, but we have challenges. I’ve worked in disadvantaged communities and it inspired me to find a fast, easy way to firstly help people help themselves, to change their beliefs, and create sustainable futures for themselves and others.

As an inspirational speaker, I create an environment of introspection, laughter and interaction. My talks are based on the latest scientific research on neurology and quantum physics coupled with down-to-earth tips on how to change your beliefs and change your reality.

The PSYCH-K® experience works like this:

  • You shift your Focus (the only conscious action to take)
  • Your Perception changes – automatically
  • Your Chemistry changes -automatically
  • Your Reaction changes – automatically
  • You Create a New Reality Effortlessly!
It would be wonderful to hear from you. You will find my contact details here.
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